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Exportwin Trading and Consulting Group is an Istanbul-based full service consulting company established in 2010 and now one of the longest standing consultancy of its type in Turkey. Our services range from market research to company formations and business services, giving our clients the option of having a single local service partner in Turkey. Over the recent years, we have undertaken more than 100 projects in over 20 different practice areas.

Furthermore, with a strong determination beside Counseling, executive and communication experiences and capabilities in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan, Exportwin attempts to develop commercial-economic cooperation between these markets and foreign companies.

Exportwin Supportive Services



The Exportwin Supportive Services, which includes a set of research, advisory, and executive activities, attempts to achieve its short and medium term goals by implementing the pre-requisites and strategies required by each of the businesses in the development of trade in target countries (Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan). Furthermore, among the long-term objectives of the Exportwin portfolio is the efforts to establish export consortiums, increase the market share of the high-quality imported goods with the best prices, and enhance trade relations between other countries and the target countries. Additionally, it attempts to track the problems of business activists and eliminate consumer information disruption in target countries. The Exportwin  Supportive Model, in line with the needs of many foreigner companies that do not have the knowledge, capability and communication required in the field of developing trade and exports to Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan, should be designed, planned and implemented step-by-step as follows:



  • Offering professional and excellent consulting services and identifying domestic producers’ potentials;
  • Market research and identification of commodities as well as strategies for entering the markets of target countries;
  • Developing technical requirements and having suggestions for the supply of goods requested by customers in target countries;
  • Effective communication through influential people for marketing of products;
  • Making contracts and trade agreements in accordance with the laws of target countries;
  • Formulating media programs such as magazine, catalog, site and television advertising;
  • Performing the export procedures and delivery of specialized goods at the destination using the requirements of the contract;
  • Disseminating foreigner Companies' Business Opportunities for Joint Projects.
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