Working as a representative or an international member of your firm in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan, we will perform the following B2B marketing services:



Business Meeting

Trade-show & Event

Commercial Reference Journal

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

All our business-to-business marketing services employ a client-centric marketing strategy that work on a small business budget. Our B2B marketing services builds potential business client rapport to obtain face-to-face sales meetings with your prospective business clients. Initial rapport building is vital in converting B2B sales prospects into new business client.

We can do this because we understand what works in getting you the face-to-face business meetings necessary to enter to your new target markets in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. And, we guarantee it will work for you!

We assist companies that require consultative face-to-face business meetings to develop their export markets. We offer a common sense approach and proven methods of marketing services that gets results. Best of all we do the work for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

We provide an affordable outsource B2B or B2C marketing services solution to your marketing needs in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. We will provide turnkey services, or you can pick the marketing services you need and determine the extent of our collaboration. Flexibility, personal attention and common sense are the hallmarks of our client services.


Our Benefits


Focus on What You Do Best:
While we obsess over your marketing
in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan, you are free to focus on your core business. Our marketing services enable you to focus on what they like and do best. And, provide more time and attention to other target markets.

Reduce Business Risk:
Most business owners are not international marketing experts and have not enough information for ente
ring to Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan Markets. Outsourcing B2B or B2C marketing in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan as new export target markets will prevent the business owners from making costly mistakes in time and money in trying to implement their own marketing.

Do More with Less:
Accomplish multiple business priorities simultaneously knowing that your marketing effort in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan is being professionally managed and multiple marketing projects are being implemented to grow your business while you resolve other critical business issues in other target markets.

Compete with the Bigger Boys:
Outsourcing your B2B marketing in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan gives you access to economies of scale and expertise of larger businesses to compete with the big boys.

Save Money:
Hiring and training marketing staff for entering to Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan markets adds costly payroll and overhead to your business. Marketing outsourcing can provide more expertise, capabilities and flexibility at less short-term and long-term cost.

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