Low-budget, overworked team or simply lacking the time, experience or expertise to participate in specials event, trade-shows, conventions or exhibit programs for entering to Turkey and Iran markets?

Exportwin can help you as your representative in exhibit programs or trade-shows, seamlessly integrating with the responsible parties or departments in Turkey and Iran.

We will arrange with you and your stakeholders to develop goals and objectives, brainstorm and finesse themes, develop internal and external marketing support, provide budget control – and anything else you need for your show, exhibit, product launch, sales event, general and/or educational sessions and more.

We will book exhibit space, provide onsite logistical support, handle registration, and everything else from A to Z, witch the most important of them will be our integrated marketing services including pre-event marketing, association marketing and post-event marketing for you.



Our Services:

  • Booking exhibit space and registration
  • Providing onsite logistical supports
  • Handling the design of exhibit booths and advertising
  • Managing the trade-shows or events as your representative with native and professional teams
  • Integrated marketing (pre-event, on-event and post-event marketing plans)



Our Benefits:

  • Booking the exhibit space at the lower price as a local company
  • Excellent working relationships with local venues and local labor unions
  • Having extensive knowledge of local venues and business partners
  • Conducting deep business meeting with professional negotiator team
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