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With offices in the Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan, Exportwin Trade Consulting is a B2B and B2C market research company providing customized research and intelligence studies in Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. Our full-service research offering includes market assessment and market entry, segmentation, product development, branding, customer/buyer journey research, employee experience, pricing strategy and advertising studies for entering to Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan markets.

Market Assessment Studies

Base Your Export Strategy on Hard Facts

Entering a new export market can be a daunting one for many businesses. However, the correct careful planning can be the difference between export failure and export success. An overseas market entry can provide huge rewards to businesses wanting to grow their sales but it’s not without its challenges. Understanding the market will help you do two things:

  • Understand the feasibility for your products in the new market  first place.
  • Identify as many of the challenges that you will have to overcome as possible, and budget for them


This will identify whether the size and growth of your industry and help you better analyse the longer term opportunity. Is the population of end users large enough to generate substantial sales?

This will help you discover who you’ll be contending with. Can you be competitive on price? If not why not? In some cases price isn’t everything though. Providing you can demonstrate your product adds more value, then you can charge higher prices.

Find out who the distributors and agents are that already handle products in your industry. There’s a strong chance one of them will be your key distribution channel into the Marketplace.

One of the biggest factors in export, is understanding the cost per unit price on your products. Although many goods are sold overseas on Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan terms, You should go one step further as well. Understanding the costs that a potential distributor will pay, will help you develop a pricing structure later and allow you to be more knowledgeable when going into negotiations.

Is your product protected in this country? Find out more about the system and patent filing process. If you’ve got an innovative product, the last thing you want is someone stealing your idea and taking your market share.

Do you need a special licence or certificate for you goods in this country? What about any import quotas? There are various road bumps that can crop up when planning a new market entry, but again, careful planning will help provide a clearer path and a better understanding.


Using this information, you can then decide if the market is even feasible at all. If it isn’t, keep moving forward to find one that is. If it is, then you can start developing a market entry strategy (more on these in a future post)
Ultimately, a relatively small investment in an Exportwin market research study now, could save you considerable time, expense and heartache later on!

Our Market Entry Services

Market-wise Strategies delivers market insights that help businesses to reach beyond their current markets, to understand and attract new customer groups and build new market segments. For the past 7 years, we have been helping clients to de-risk their market entry decisions and shape their entry strategies in the Turkey.

Our sector specialist teams can help you to:

  • Analyse market size and growth potential
  • Clarify purchasing patterns and criteria
  • Assess your competitors and their strategies
  • Explore distribution channels
  • Identify potential partners
  • Investigate promotional opportunities
  • Refine price points and pricing strategies
  • Understand how purchase decision-makers and influence's view
  • your product or service, your business and your market position.


Market-wise Strategies informs business, investment and marketing planning, for projects from university course portfolios and campuses to new-start, technology companies. We work across education and B2B markets, including in health and life sciences, software, renewable energy, environment, built environment and engineering.

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